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  • A calender months notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student, failing which a months fee must be paid.
  • No Transfer Certificate will be issued unless all school dues and other relevant areas have been paid full in cash.
  • Students leaving the school in mid-session shall pay the full fee in cash for the full academic session.

Admission & Withdrawal

  • Children over 3 years of age are admitted in the Pre-Primary class Children below 5 years of age not admitted in Class I.
  • A candidate who has not attended any recognized school cannot admitted without a leaving Certificate from the school attended. Students coming from other states must bring Leave Certificate countersigned by the inspector of school of that State Migration Certificate.
  • A Calender month's notice is to be given for withdrawal of a pupil because of transfer or for any personal reason. Kindly send application signed by parent, to the Principal. Before the T.C issued, all dues are to be cleared.
  • Any Pupil failing once in the same class may have to discontinue studies in the school.