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Home School Prayer



Our Father / who art in heaven Hallowed by your name / your kingdom come / your will be done / on earth / as it is in heaven / Give us today / our daily bread / forgive us our trespasses / as we forgive / those who trespass against us / Do not bring us to the test / But deliver us / from evil. Amen.


O my God /1 offer you / all I think / or do or say today. Help me to do / what is right / and to keep away / from what is wrong.
Bless me / bless my father and mother / and all those I love / so that / we may come to know / and love you better / every day.


Almighty God, / we thank you / for the gift of this new day / and all that it brings.. We your children / pay homage to you / by offering to you / all that you have made / nature with all its beauty and splendor / and man with all his glory and achievements.
We beg you / to be with us / by your abiding presence / and to direct our thoughts, / our words and our actions. / Grant us your wisdom, / knowledge and understanding / so that in all we do / we may seek your glory / and the good of others.


O God My Father, you are the source of all knowledge and truth. I believe that I am now in your presence. Help me to study my lessons well. Enlighten my mind, strengthen my memory and guide my will, towards what is right. Make me good, honest, obedient, kind and helpful to all. Grant, that I may never offend you in my thoughts, words or deeds. I ask you to bless me, my parents, teachers, friends and everyone. I want to be a credit to my parents, teachers and all who are helping to educate me.


We give you thanks Oh God for all the blessings we have received from your bounty.


O God, You are the Truth and the Origin of all knowledge. Bless our studies which we consecrate to you. Enlighten our minds, strengthen our memories and direct our will towards what is right. Grant us to seek truth always and make us truly wise. Amen.


We thank you God for all your gifts. We thank you for helping us to learn our lessons and for keeping safe this day. Forgive us our faults and sins. Help us to practise what we have learned and to remain always good.


Thank you Lord for this new day
Thank you for those who love me and care for me
Thank you for the wonder of my being
For the gifts of mind, heart and body
Thank you for all the good things I enjoy
And the trials which make me strong.
Help me to make the best of every hour of this day
Save me from fear, selfishness and greed
Help me to enjoy the love I receive
And share my love with a glad and generous heart.
May no one suffer today because of me
May no one go hungry because of my greed
May no one be lonely because I do not care
May my heart be open to those who need me.
May I grow today in strength, in joy, in love
May I seek what is true, noble and pure
May i begin and end this day in Your Presence
And walk through my life secure, for I'm never alone.
Thank you for your love, Your Presence, Your Protection
Thank you for guarding me as the apple of Your eye.


O God, from whom all wisdom and knowledge proceed, help me to do my studies well. Open my mind to the truth; wipe out all my prejudices. Let me to not mistake fiction for facts and fanciful theories for science. Make me diligent and constant in the pursuit of learing. Give me an attentive, keen and alert, mind so that I can concentrate on and grasp my lessons. Give me an eager mind to learn something new every day. And may my aim always be to pierce the veil of the visible world to reach You, O Invisible, Eternal and Unchangeable Truth.