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The Motto

“Advancing Knowledge - Transforming Lives”

In this fast changing world, the process of learning and imparting knowledge through a standard pattern of academic and moral education has its own importance for which the school holds out the Motto “Advancing Knowledge Transforming lives”. This school offers her students opportunities for the development of an integrated personality. We aim for excellence in everything in the belief that our children deserve to achieve their full potential.

Admission :

Admission in school is restricted to the seats available. It is open to all people without any distinction of any class or creed. A pupil who join a fresh from home or from any other school has to produce his/her official birth certificate / transfer certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission form. Birth certificate issued by the municipal authorities or baptismal certificates shall be held valid. The date of birth as recorded by the authorities shall be considered legally correct and no change or alteration will be allowed later on.