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The House System

One of the main objectives of the house system is to foster in the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time enkindle and develop the social qualities and talents in every child. It is the house system that channelises discipline in the school and school-life with all its complex, curricular and co-curricular activities. It also directs and energises the talents of our students.

Students are divided under four houses in the school : Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.

Blue House- Service - Lamp

REFLECTION: “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies” growing up the phrase “faith can move mountains” was often heard at home and church . while that is motivating I have discovered that mountains are sometimes moved piece by piece, rather than as a whole perhaps my mountains is moved by lifting one shovelful of dirt over and over and over again . having faith to do big things is important but it's as necessary to be faithful in small things, those little scoops of dirt .one day you'll look and see how far you've come and how much stronger you are because of those mounds you've been moving .
The feeling of care and compassion is sublime and rises above status, caste and creed and goes out to serve man. Education must prepare us and help us to achieve the virtues of care and compassion. To use our head, our heartland our hands for the welfare of human beings as well as the flora and fauna. Education should never make us insensitive and materialistic beings. The Mahabharata indicates that giving away possessions acquired through honest means constitutes the highest form to charity. It is not the quantity that one gives, but the sincerity and circumstances under which a charitable deed is performed, that wins the approval of God. When a tree drops its fruits, it isi sharing it. The children under the tree collect the fruits and share it with eachi other. The art of sharing is a noble act, which helps the receiver and enriches the giver. 'The hand that goes out to help a person in need is greater than the two hands joined in prayer.” [Swami Vivekananda] “They serve God well who serve His creatures.” Mother Teresa served the poores of the poor because she saw the face of the Lord Jesus in them. She felt that God led her in this mission. Share because you want to share and not because you want something in return. Sharing is an unselfish act. Deep down within us, we all care for others. We are hurt to see people in want or pain. We might even shell a genuine tear over their plight. But how many of us do anything about; it? It! isn't enough to be concerned about suffering and to feel sorry for people are in trouble. We must make an effort to reduce their sufferings to lighten their burden. One does not have to spend money to show that one cares. It is ' far more important to spend time.
"I expect to pass through the world once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow Creatures, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it. I shall not pass this way again. “[Stephen Grellet] “We give but little when we give of our possession. It is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.” [Mother Teresa]. It is when we show care and compassion.

IMPLEMENTATION : In my personal life I Will

  • Feel God's presence in the people I meet daily.
  • Learn to place others' need before my own.
  • Donate a portion of my pocket money to help the
  • Respect and care for the elders and do errands when needed.
  • Promote the principles of sharing and caring.
  • Appreciate God's creations - persons, nature and universe.

AT HOME I will

  • Show care and compassion to the old and sick members.
  • Treat my domestic workers with care, love and respect.
  • Show kindness towards all members of my family.
  • Make my home a place of refuge with a caring environment.
  • Show compassion towards stray animals.


  • Help students; who are weak in studies.
  • Show kindness towards the service staff.
  • Not bully my juniors or classmates.
  • Give up play time to coach weaker students.
  • Volunteer to care for class needs.
  • Give assistance where needed.


  • Visit old age homes and orphanages.
  • Participate whole-heartedly in community activities.
  • Contribute financially to deserving causes as a responsible citizen.
  • Work towards helping the under privileged members of society.
  • Be compassionate towards the weak and handicapped.
  • Encourage sale of homemade items to collect funds for good cause.




“The end of all knowledge must be building up of character” Mahatma Gandhi. The highest aim of Gandhiji is self – Realization
Education should developed all three levels that is 3R read, write and arithmetic so all faculty of students should be developed writing and reading will make students literate and arithmetic will help him in calculating day today expenses and more importantly, it will help in logical thinking and analyzing things. The central purpose of education is to build character. If choice is to be made between character and other things in the life of students, then everything else can be subordinated students, then everything else can be subordinated to be farmer.

“Man must be man of words. He must be ready to do something for the humanity at the first call to this conscience.
The main goal of the life of student is self realization. Self realization is the realization of the self proper true education should result not in the material gains but in the spiritual uplift. Gandhiji lead great stress on religious education which teaches fundamental virtues of truth, love, justice and non – violence. Education trains an individual and makes student an ideal citizen who will help nation.

IMPLEMENTATION - In my personal life I will

  • Spend time in silent introspection.
  • Keep thinking positively always and share with others.
  • Be honest and open about information
  • Walk on the path of Gandhian thought simple living high thinking
  • Hope best in future and work hard to improve my qualities.

AT HOME - I will

  • Follow values imparted to me by my parents and teachers.
  • Have my personal collection of inspirational books.
  • Gain knowledge from the experiences of elders and learned people
  • Help in doing house chores and spend time with the family
  • Love and respect elders
  • Without permission not to go anywhere

IN SCHOOL - I will

  • Treat every individual in school with dignity.
  • Keep punctuality and great determination to words my duty
  • Be respectful to my teachers, school staff and my fellow students.
  • Never give – up and settle with mediocrity of all problems
  • Visionary with a clear sense of moral purpose
  • Get actively involved in charitable projects.


  • Donate my new, useable books and notebooks for needy students.
  • Always motivate everyone to recycle the things.
  • Raise voice against exploitation
  • Work for the betterment of the society
  • Make awareness programme for peace.
  • Aim at nurturing and maintaining excellent inter personal relationships.
  • Donate my useable books and uniform to the needy



REFLECTION:- Education is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. Focus of the education and schools must provide mission oriented learning with value system.

Childhood is the foundation stone upon which stands the whole life structure as the seeds sows in childhood blossom in a to the tree of life. Education which is imparted n childhood at the every stage of development of minds is more important than the education received in college and university.

Education nurtures the child's curiosity about the environment and integrates the thinking process with the skills of hand limb and body . Twelve years of value based education in the school campus are essential to establish an open and transparent society. Emphasis should be on exploration, innovativeness and creativity through activities. At the secondary stage, emphasis should ensure the convergence of bio-info-nano- eco education.

Curriculum:- School provide a syllabus of entrepreneurship co-ordination and spiritualism and education, the lessons of truth, path of righteousness, services towards others and faith in God should be included in the curriculum.

Religion and Spiritualism:- The aim of religions is to left the threw of human beings towards this summit. In spite of external difference, an inner unit prevails in religions. The universal charter of universal human values is inherent in all religions.

Imparting moral values:- The right kind of education on moral values will upgrade the society and the country. If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful mind, the three key societal members who can make a difference are father, mother and teacher . Mother gives the principle of truth. The children start building their character emanates within the family. I will make my home a righteous home should be the motto of each and every child and every parent. The education we receive must propel us towards this goal.

IMPLEMENTATION - In my personal life I will

  • Plant at least five sampling and shall ensure their growth through constant care.
  • Work for becoming an enlightened citizen and make my family righteous.
  • Always be a friend of the mentally and physically challenged and will work hard to make them feel normal like the rest of use.
  • Work hard with honesty to transform my country into a developed country.
  • Empathize with the handicapped.

AT HOME – I will

  • Give love and respect to my parents and elders.
  • Happily share books, play things etc. with the less fortunate.
  • Help my younger brother/sister in their studies.
  • Find time to impart moral values to my young ones.
  • Show compassion towards the sick and suffering.


  • Support organizations which work to protect citizens who believe in constructive criticism.
  • Ensure to work for social unity to promote humanism.
  • Inculcate the value of co-operation and brotherhood.
  • Raise my voice against any difference and promote unity in diversity.
  • Promote sharing and caring.
  • Donate a part of my pocket money for a good cause.

Focus on:- Freedom of India, social justice and women empowerment.

Personality: - Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu (13 Feb 1879 – 2 March 1949) was an Indian political activist and great poet. In her whole life she fought for country's freedom, social justice, women empowerment and compassion. She believed the values of freedom justice.

Freedom is a condition in which people have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. Freedom is important because it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity original thought, increased productivity and an overall high quality of life. If country is free, then people get chance to develop themselves.

Sarojini Naidu worked hard on above values by her poetry. That's why she is commonly regarded as “Nightingale of India” from her father she inherited love of truth a burning passion for her country, a mind of steel, a scintillating wit and the gift of Homeric laughter.

Grace is a gift from God that we deserve, which helps us choose the good, therefore it promotes social justice. Diversity and social justice to be important because they build on each other and have the power to change the world when all of these aspects work together and are acknowledged then we are able to work toward changing social norms and creating aspects in society that are focused on equality rather than equality. Social justice protects society from nepotism. We can promote social justice by instilling the basic value of charity in students. To charity by students compassion is the highest of all virtues. Moreover, charity is the offspring of compassion, which is the bond that knits all things together- high and low, and is the symbol of the highest power compassion is the great balm of life. It is the starting point of culmination.

Women empowerment is a movement involving respect, honour and recognition toward all women. Empowerment can be defined in many ways. However, when talking about women's empowerment, empowerment means accepting and allow people who are on the outside of the decision making process into it.

She was responsible for awakening the women of India. She brought them out of the kitchen.

IMPLEMENTATION - In my personal life I will

  • Never deny the dignity of the individual, individual autonomy and sanctity of life.
  • I will show my respect to every caste and religion.
  • Not to partisan and promote social justice.
  • Work for the empowerment of women.

AT HOME - I will

  • I express gratitude for the good things in my life.
  • I make sure everyone who has done something good for me knows I appreciate them for it.
  • I live according to a vision guided by my inner wisdom and judgment.
  • Help my younger brother/ sister in their studies.

IN SCHOOL - I will

  • Share my knowledge, experience with my friends.
  • Encourage and support the work of charities which benefit the community.
  • Listen to others with my full attention, so I can learn from them and show thoughtful consideration for their ideas.
  • Forgive those who have hurt me, because I know I have also made mistakes and hurt friends too.
  • Import skill to others in order to promote self-reliance.


  • Work for the empowerment of women.
  • Treat all living beings with the same respect with which I like to be treated.
  • When someone interrupts me or gets in my way, I always treat them with the same patience.
  • I hope for from others when necessity compels me to interrupt them or get in their way.
  • Encourage people to take on a challenge.

School Cabinet


Head Boy

Aditi Bopche - XB

Head Girl

Yellow House

Yash Kolte - 9B


Anushka Nagmote - 8A

Vice captain

Red House

Prince Kumar - 9A


Akriti pal - 8A

Vice captain

Green House

Atharva Sham Kumar - 9A


Humanshi Wanjari - 8B

Vice captain

Blue house

Omkar Satpute - 9B


Hiteshri Bandebache - 8A

Vice captain