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Examinations & Promotions

  • The system of periodical assessment and Terminal Examinations are followed to evaluate the teaching and learning process. Progress reports are issued to the students at the conclusions of PA I, PA II and Terminal Examinations.
  • A child will get promotion only if he/she has achieved atleast 35% marks in each subject.
  • Attendance at all examinations is compulsory. Promotions will be considered on the basis of the whole years record.
  • A minimum attendance of 80% is must through out the year for final promotion.
  • There will be no change of the exam date if the student is absent or sick.
  • A pupil who uses unfair means or who possesses materials for unfair means and/or receives or gives assistance in any form during examinations will be given a Zero in the subjects. Repetitions of the same, shall lead to dismissal.
  • There will be no re-examinations at any time for any reason.