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Disciplinary Action


  • Every student has to attend the school on the re-opening day after each vacation.
  • If absent, due to ailment the principal has to be informed and medical certificate should be submitted at the earliest.
  • If the parents do not attend minimum two Parent-Teacher Meetings, the student will be liable for dismissal.
  • Absence on the days of a school function, be it on working days or holidays or National holidays will incur serious disciplinary action. Similarly, absence from school prior to tests or examinations will incur disciplinary actions.

School Calender

  • The child should bring the school calender daily. Calender must be maintained neat and tidy. A student who loses his/her calender will have to buy a new one.


  • Those who come to school without proper uniform or the school calender will after three warnings be send home and marked absent.


  • Every student should endeavour to keep the good behaviour and polite manners, both in and outside the school. They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct
  • No pupil may leave the school premises during working hours without the written permission of the school authorities. Students who violate this rule will be suspended or dismissed from the school.
  • Irregular attendance, disobedience or conduct harmful to the moral tone of the school, disrespect to Principal, teachers, non-teaching staff, office bearers and any authority, will either be suspended or summarily dismissed
  • The Principal will take confidential report from teachers regarding the conduct and behaviour of students and on the basis of these reports may ask the parents to withdraw his/her child from the school. The decision of the principal shall be final.

School Fee :

  • The school shall charge the full fee for the students, but for the convenience of the parents the fee is divided into monthly instalments. Parents are free to deposit the full fee in one instalment.
  • Students shall get their NO DUES CERTIFICATE cleared before appearing in every Terminal Examinations.No student will be allowed to appear in the Terminal examination if he/she fails to clear his/her dues. To avoid inconvenience, parents are requested to check the fee book regularly.
  • Students leaving the school in mid-session shall pay the full fee for the full academic sessions.
  • No reduction shall be made for vacation or broken period.
  • For issuing duplicate T.C. / Report Card Fees will be charged.
  • All those who complete their wards school fees at a time, at the time of First Installment, an amount of 500 will be given as concession.

Note :

  • Loose socks should be replaced by a new one instead of using rubber band.
  • Nor ornaments / jewelleries whatsover, are to be worn by the students except for small earrings. In case of any loss of valuables, the school will not be responsible.
  • Hair Style : Boys hair must be properly cut and trimmed. Girls having short hair must make a pony tail with ribbon and those with very short hair must use a hair band.
  • Nails must be short and clean. Use of nail polish Mehandi on hands, feet, palm etd. are strictly prohibited.