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Aims & Objectives

Every school has an objective to fulfill. St. Gianelli Convent School aims at integral development of the pupil through academic excellence, co-curricular activities and conducive atmosphere to bloom and unfold hidden potentialities. The focus of academic activities are towards enrichment of the total personality of the learners :-

  • Developing the character of the students with attitudes needed for a balanced, confident mature outgoing and preparations for complete living.
  • To instill in them the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and understanding.
  • To train them to obey their elders, parents, teachers and further to discipline themselves for hard work, creativity, co-operation, team-work and leadership.
  • To inculcate in them the dignity of labour, and speak the truth and to have self-respect and love for others.
  • To identify their talents, fields of interest and develop them with able guidance.